We are getting married

and we would love to celebrate these amazing and lovely days with you.

Civil Wedding

September 7, 2019 at 4pm

Landhotel & Restaurants Der Schafhof

Schafhof 1

63916 Amorbach, Germany

Church Ceremony

November 16, 2019 at 5pm

Parroquia María Reina

Puerto Azul, gate entrance # 3

Guayaquil, Ecuador


November 16, 2019 at 7pm

Casa Jalil

Km. 11, vía a la costa

Guayaquil, Ecuador

If you are planning on joining us for at least one of the events, please kindly confirm your attendance using the RSVP button below.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

If you cannot make it, please also let us know using the RSVP button.

Thank you.

Additional Information



How to get there

If you come by car, Google Maps will show you the way. Schafhof is outside the city and can only be reached via a dirt road. Regular cars can go there without problems, but they get dusty for the least.

Amorbach has a train station. If you arrive by train, let us know in advance and we pick you and take you to your accommodation. Taxis are rare and may take a long time to arrive if they are not pre-booked.


Please let us know if you would like to stay in Schafhof itself. We have multiple rooms and suites reserved for you.

A list of alternatives can be found here. The newest hotel on the list is Emichs, which recently opened in the city center. Please let us know if you need any help with booking an accommodation.


Amorbach has only very limited public transportation, most of which is limited to weekdays only. There are few people operating single taxis, mostly on a pre-book basis. Let us know if we should put you into contact.

We suggest that you let us know about your needs for transportation and we organize ad-hoc means through family and friends. It is usually not a problem to find someone to drive.

We will provide a shuttle service at the end of the party.

Local Attractions

Organized Trips

There are many places to visit around Amorbach (see above). Unfortunately, Abbey Amorbach, Gotthardsruine and the forest around Amorbach are the only places in the list that can be reached without a car. Nevertheless, hiking along the plethora of trails around Amorbach is by itself a worthwhile activity. We recommend the komoot web service and app for that.


We like sausages and meat. Wild game dishes are a local specialty. A non-exhaustive list of dishes to try:

  • Fränkischer Sauerbraten (Franconian marinated beef)
  • Fränkische Rostbratwurst (fried sausage)
  • Blaue Zipfel (sausage cooked in vinegar)
  • Schäufele (roasted pork shoulder)

There are a lot of Franconian dishes with pictures on this wiki page.


Well, you know the German weather. Please prepare for unexpected rain showers and cold temperatures at night. However, if we are lucky we will get a nice September day with mild temperatures and ample warm sunshine.



How to get there

Once you arrive to Guayaquil airport "José Joaquin de Olmedo", we recommend you to buy a prepaid SIM card for mobile internet. Google maps is quite accurate inside the city.

  • Parroquia María Reina (church): Coming from Guayaquil on the highway to the coast---"vía a la costa", make a U-turn using return #1. Then, take the right-most lane to enter Puerto Azul through gate #3 (visitors). Puerto Azul is a gated area. Before entering, security guards will ask your name and destination. They might also inspect your car. Despite the church ceremony starting at 5:00pm, we recommend to be at the gate before 4:20pm.
  • Casa Jalil: Coming from Guayaquil on the highway to the coast---"vía a la costa", do not make the U-turn for Puerto Azul. Instead, continue straight until you see the PRIMAX gas station. Casa Jalil is the first house after the station. Coming from the church you need to first drive a short while back towards Guayaquil before you can change to the other side of the highway again. Once you leave Puerto Azul, keep on the right lane. Take the exit to "vía Perimetral, Daule, Pascuales" and immediately the next exit onto the highway to the coast---"vía a la costa". Be aware that before the exit to "vía Perimetral, Daule, Pascuales", there is an exit that you should not take.


Both the church and Casa Jalil are located at the 'vía a la costa'. Even though there are no hotels around that area you can rent furnished rooms/studios/apartments using AirBNB. Search for 'vía a la costa' before the péage (< km 23), or within the neighborhood 'Ceibos'. If you prefer to go to a hotel, the following have the best reputations:


We recommend Uber in Guayaquil. You will be safe and the fare will be reasonable. Try not to use public transport (e.g., bus or metrovía) since it is usually crowded and there is no timetable to rely on.

We will provide a shuttle service at the end of the party.

Local attractions

  • Malecón 2000
  • Parque Histórico
  • Botanical Garden
  • Parque de las Iguanas
  • Santa Ana Hill
  • Las Peñas neighborhood
  • Popular beaches (Playas, Salinas, Montañita, Olón)

More recommendations here.

Organized trips

We have contacted EXPEDISA, a tour agency which can help you organize any tour in Ecuador. They also offer transportation per hour. Please get in touch with Victor Chiluiza (victor@expedisa.travel) for more details.


We love green plantains, rice, beans, seafood, and more! The following are must-try recommendations:


Guayaquil is a very warm and humid city. Its summer starts in December and ends in March. We chose to marry in November to avoid high temperatures, humidity, and rain. In November temperatures range from 22° to 30° C, with humidity up to 75% (the other months are even higher).

The dress code is formal. However, please take the weather into account and dress so you feel comfortable and are able to enjoy the whole party.